Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 days left! AHHH!!

Today was a little productive. I managed to finish off my closet. Got everything together to give to the Goodwill, pile for a friend having a baby girl, HUGE pile of Sam's things to give to friend for her lil man, went through all of the medications (I swear I have more that CVS), and sorted through the kids clothes. I don't need to move fall/winter stuff now. The packers can pack that crap. I just need summery stuff. Also, trying to get stuff together for the yard sale on Saturday. So much stuff to get rid of!!

Well, off to bed but excited for my last MNO tomorrow with my Savannah girls! It seems that most of us are moving. Crazy that it's all around the same time. Will be super sad to say goodbye. :(