Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Year Later...

Well, I took a year off blogging and have decided to try and do it again! I have missed it and missed posting pics of my silly monkeys!!! I will try to summarize the last year quickly...

Kennedy started 2nd grade and has made high honor roll again. She just turned 8 in December. She joined the art club. She is doing great but a bit whiney at times! HAHA

Cate started pre-k this year and LOVES school. She is so super smart and very sassy. She will be 5 on Jan 11th. OMG!!

Sam also started going to a 2 day program at a local church. He loves it and we love it!! He is going to be 3 on Jan 15th. sad my baby is growing up!

Unfortunately, we are still in Savannah, GA but I think I am getting used to it? HAHA!

There is so much more that went on but I don't remember. The brain is gone most days!! Here are a few pics from the last year!


Kim said...

YAHOO! Love that you're back!